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About Me 07-27-2001

Hi, My name is Andy. I'm 15, and (i'm an alchoholic) i live in Milford, NH. Milford is about as exciting as a clam, so i like to hang out at the Taco Bell (if i'm not at home sitting in front of my computer, which is all the time, so i never really go there).

Besides playing with computers, i enjoy doing technical work for an ameature theater group called MyAct (They let me play with power tools. :-D). I have done a few productions with them, and a few more with school.

Here is a list of some languages I know:

  • C/C++
  • Perl
  • Php
  • HTML
  • Visual Basic
  • French

  • Here is a list of things I don't like:

  • Microsoft
  • Rap Music
  • DMCA
  • RIAA
  • CheezeWhiz
  • Mac0S (not OSX)
  • Martha Stewert
  • Making this page in vi
  • "P. Diddy"
  • Canada

  • Here is a list of music I do like:

  • Weezer
  • STP
  • Greenday
  • Tool
  • Metallica
  • Staind
  • Bush
  • About Tarsg 07-27-2001

    Yes, its true. I brought this evil creation into the world. And for that, I'm not sorry.

    How Tarsg came to be:

    It all started my freshman year in highschool. I went to a private highschool so I had to sometimes stay after school because my parents had to work and could not pick me up. So being the computer geek that i am, i went to the PC LAB most days.

    Well.. the PC LAB was for the most part, Trash. Every Box ran some sort of Microsoft product (I wont start on the evils of the M$ corperation). After a while, i leaned to use M$ VB (for the lack anything better to do) and not to long after, Tarsg was born.

    Tarsg started off as just a random sentence generator. It could generate about 10,000 different sentences, with about 40 words. I had the best time playing with it, so i decided to show it to some of my friends (n1zyy, and Mike Haigh). They too loved it. So we showed it to more people, and everyone loved it. 3 Months later we realeased Tarsg 2.2.2 with the famous RAIM client. And the rest is history.

    You spank holy flowers.