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t a r s g . n e w s

tarsgBOT_SA 0.0.4 Released
- support for "who are you"
- code resturcturing
- admins (!!!)
- stats: its cool
- small bug fixes

tarsgBOT_SA 0.0.3 Released
- flood attack
- configure script
- docs
- standby

tarsgBOT_SA 0.0.2 Released
- spam
- tarsg off/on
- bug fixes
- logging
- output on/off

tarsgBOT_SA 0.0.1-alpha Released
The Latest and greatest installment of Tarsg. This time, its TarsgBOT Stand Alone. TarsgBOT SA is a program written in perl that is a fully functional AIM client, modified to generate random senences.

tarsgBOT 0.0.5-alpha Released
Bug Fixes. Code restructering. Options. Admins.

a b o u t . t a r s g
TARSG stands for "The Amazing Random Sentence Generatot". I orginally wrote it one day when I was bored after school. I had no idea people were going to love the random babbling that it spewed out. The project slowly grew from a little side project to a well know operation with many people's help.

TarsgBOT Stand Alone
While the orgianl TarsgBOT was fun for personal use, it could not get the job done on a large scale. Well thats while i wrote TarsgBOT_SA. TarsgBOT_SA is a completly independant im client written in perl. It was based on the Jam im client and modified to be automated.

TarsgBOT Fleet
The "TarsgBOT Fleet" is a group of 9 screennames (TarsgBOT, TarsgBOT2, - TarsgBOT9) which each run TarsgBOT_SA. Each Bot also has 100 random people on its buddy list.

email:   kippa@bonbon.net
aol sn:  tarsgBOT
t a r s g . p h p
We type in holy ducks.
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